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Dr Karen McNeil


Consultant Endocrinologist

Face to Face Consultations – COVID Policy


1.     I strongly recommend that only vaccinated patients should attend the Cabrini Consulting Rooms. 



2.     This policy is for the protection of:


(i)      my patients (many of whom are elderly, immune-compromised or both);


(ii)     my staff;


(iii)    other patients and staff within Cabrini Hospital;


(iv)    the unvaccinated patients themselves; and


(v)     myself.

3.      I shall continue to provide full telehealth consultations to all patients who prefer telehealth (currently a majority of patients) and to all unvaccinated patients.

4.      The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA has now published the results of studies demonstrating that unvaccinated people are “…4.5 times more likely than vaccinated individuals to become infected, 10 times more likely to be hospitalized, and 11 times more likely to die from the coronavirus …”.

5.      The Victorian Government has repeatedly announced that from October onwards, as they open up the Victorian economy and society, Covid exposure will increase significantly throughout the community.  Accordingly, telehealth will remain the consultation method of choice for many of my patients. However, there are many of my patients who really need to be seen face to face, which is why I have recommenced some face to face consultations from 14 September.  


6.      Any patient who has a complaint about this policy should direct that complaint to myself or to my Practice Manager – Dr Rod McNeil (


7.      I shall be reviewing my ability to provide face to face consultations on a weekly basis, depending on the level of community Covid exposure, Victorian Government guidelines and restrictions, and Cabrini Hospital guidelines and restrictions.


Thank you for your co-operation during this difficult period for all of us.


Dr Karen McNeil

17 September, 2021

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