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Dr Karen McNeil


Consultant Endocrinologist

Telehealth – COVID Policy


1.     After consideration of the Victorian Government's Covid Roadmap, announced on 19 September, which envisages a significant increase in Covid case numbers, Covid hospitalisations, Covid ICU admissions and Covid deaths, commencing 1st October 2021 and lasting through at least until 16th December 2021, I shall be providing all out-patient consultations by way of telehealth only.

2.     I also note that Cabrini Health have specifically requested specialist doctors not to use the Cabrini Consulting Rooms for out-patient consultations.



3.     This policy is for the protection of:


(i)      my patients (many of whom are elderly, have significant co-morbidities, and/or are immuno-compromised);

(ii)     my staff;

(iii)    other patients and staff within Cabrini Hospital;

(iv)    any unvaccinated patients (I have no control over the vaccination status of anyone attending Cabrini Consulting Rooms, and unvaccinated people should really not be venturing outside if at all possible); and

(v)     myself and my own family.

3.      I shall continue to provide in-patient consultations as required at Cabrini Hospital, in accordance with their (very strict) protocols. 

4.      Any patient who has a query about this policy should direct that complaint to myself or to my Practice Manager – Dr Rod McNeil (


Thank you for your co-operation during this difficult period for all of us.


Dr Karen McNeil

20 September, 2021

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